imageI thought a client was going to leave me today, the one I was most excited about. We met at a retreat, and her dreams are so big, I had to be a part of them. She said that the whole reason she came to the retreat was because of my subject matter: getting your business online.

Shortly after the conference we scheduled a call, and she signed up for my program that teaches list building, branding and promotion. She was so excited to get started and had me on my toes to set up everything for her to begin.

Today she put aside all day to work on her modules. Mid morning I got a message asking me to have a chat with her. I told her it would be later in the day. I hated to put her off, but I was hosting a webinar. Somehow I had a bad feeling.

I called her in the afternoon, and she explained how she didn’t understand that I wasn’t going to do this for her, that she couldn’t do this technology stuff, even with the tutorials. Sigh. What could I do? I wasn’t going to let her be disappointed with what she chose out of misunderstanding, so I offered her the deposit back and to cancel the contract.

She balked at that though. She knew that we’d be good together somehow. So she told me what she really wanted to learn, and I said for the deposit amount, I would create a video to get her started, see how that went and we’d go from there.


I went ahead and put together something for her to allow her to do the thing she longed for. I put it out there for her to retrieve and hoped for the best.

When she got stuck with the downloading, I knew I had to do a video conference to straighten things out. Just us talking on video, screen sharing and walking through something that was difficult for her made her feel much more at ease.

By the end of the call, she decided to keep me as her consultant and gave me a rave review in a network full of potential clients for me. I am so grateful.


My lesson is to make absolutely sure someone understands that I’m an educator through my modules, troubleshooter and strategy coach via private coaching calls. There is no “done for you” service from me. I think everyone with a little help can get most of their technology hooked up and be able to duplicate the process, even if they hand some of it off to others ultimately. We can all be empowered with it. It’s here to stay and will only get more prevalent.

My client’s lesson I hope is that trying something and not getting it right the first time does not mean failure. It means you have to try again. And she did. She not only gave me another chance, but she gave herself a chance.

Take a chance on someone, especially yourself. It’s worth it.

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