“Hitch your wagon to someone bigger than yourselves.”

That’s part of a quote I clung to a couple of weeks ago. It brought up memories of my childhood, playing in a pretty red wagon begging for someone to pull it, so I could get further down the road or over a hill. From time to time, my grandmother or brother would pull it for me, but they would soon tire of it or have something else they needed to get done. Sometimes I had to get out and push the wagon from the back or grab the handle and pull it up the hill myself.

When you’re an social media marketing entrepreneur, often it feels like no one is there to pull your wagon. Who are you going to hitch onto? It may not be so much about finding that free ride as much as it is about proving that you can do this on your own first, at least part of it, and then when you struggle, someone else up ahead is hopefully going to notice and reach back to give you a tug forward.

When you’re searching for that coattail, and nothing is catching, turn around and look behind you.

“Provide a tow when someone needs it.” ~Sally Hendrick

I wrapped up several weeks of marketing a program the other night that was born out of meeting people in my industry who have been riding in the wagon with me, hitching a ride from one place to another, sometimes getting out and pushing it over a rise, or getting a break in the breeze of a downhill. We haven’t won any races yet, but it’s not really about winning all the time.

Some people trade in their red Radio Flyers for a battery operated Barbie Jeep, take off and forget those they left behind. Others keep a hitch on the back and pick up more folks along the way to help them crest a tough hill.

No matter where you are in life, in business, or any situation where obstacles are faced day in and day out…

…remember those you see on the sidelines, the ones still running on foot, crawling in the mud, or looking for a tow to hitch their wagon to. Be the one who gets off your horse and helps them get over the next hump.

Otherwise you’ll be so far down the road celebrating at the finish line alone.


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