I noticed something lately with my 10 lb weight gain. I actually look a bit younger. I have never been super thin, but at my lower weight I noticed how much elasticity is diminishing from my skin. With my face filled in a little more, my wrinkles aren’t as prevalent.

I want to fit into my pants again though, so I’d like to go for half way, not because I am unhappy with my body but because I really like all those pants hanging in my closet.

As I’ve gotten older, I realize that our minds play nasty tricks on us throughout our lives. In high school we are so self conscious and overly critical of ourselves and each other. It carries into our adulthood far too long, and unless we work to erase the self doubt and focus on doing the right things for our minds, bodies and spirits, we can carry it into our golden years. Believe me, my mom still worries about losing weight. She used to be smaller in an unhealthy way, so as an elderly person, her body is tired and doesn’t respond well to poor habits.

We try so hard to tell our girls to love their fair skin, red hair and curves. We ask them to consider their food choices for health as well, though that can be tough. I do see them making better choices and saying no to sweets more often. But I want them to understand it’s not about being thin. Our imperfections make us real and relatable, and that’s better than being thin. I think they’re better off than many of my generation, as we used to hate our bodies. Sad but true.

So I’ll take my extra few pounds, shave a few for the pants, but the rest can stay. I’ll work on dealing with the wrinkles as a mainstay when I get to that point.