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I did not plan to use orange glasses in my branding. That was a random photo booth picture taken at a party that I put up as my profile picture. It got more likes than any other photo I had ever posted, so when it came time to selecting a look-and-feel for my brand, I decided to use it.

I just wanted my business to have a fun, playful vibe to it. The real inspiration started with the book Go, Dog, Go! by P.D. Eastman. Remember that? 

My concept started with the cover of the children’s book with extra stuff slapped onto it, but I needed to find a real illustrator to help me create it.

Around that same time I enrolled in a program called Be True Brand You with Kimra Luna. In fact, Kimra has opened enrollment on this program now, but it will be gone very soon, so if you want in, you better hop to it.

kimra luna jen lehner sally hendrick periscope summit

Kimra Luna, Jen Lehner, Sally Hendrick

Kimra was someone I had been following for awhile. She’d pop up in my news feed from time to time, and I had signed up for a couple of her webinars, watched some of her tutorials. I thought, “I want to do this. I am really good at teaching and technology.” So I signed up to figure out what I wanted to do and how to actually make it work.

She’s the one with the blue hair, by the way, but it is purple now.

I had no idea what was really behind her program. It just felt like the right thing, which is how I seem to make most big decisions in life. Stepping out on ledges is easier when you don’t know what’s ahead, so I rarely ever look down. I just jump.

Driving through Kimra’s program one curve at a time really helped me get clear on what I wanted. My illustrated car was already in the works. car crash cropped with wordsI had named my first set of courses CRASH:Courses and had my illustrator wreck up my car a bit in the front.

So much more happened after that from creating my website using the support of another one of Kimra’s clients to adding my dog as my classroom monitor. This was getting to be really fun.sunny hendrick

Ultimately I decided to change the name of my program to Social Media Traffic School, which really put the icing on the cake of my branding, and shortly after that, I launched my social media marketing school and made enough money to retire from my 25 year career as an actuary and media traffic school

My brand is still in development. It never will stop evolving. It keeps becoming more and more me, and I keep changing. Now that I am really focusing in on my true strengths, guess where a lot of my clients are coming from. Yep, you guessed it. My fellow classmates in Kimra’s online school for one, the networks I’m in on Facebook, local Meetups, and from conferences I’ve attended around the country.

I’m not sure where this is leading quite yet, but so far it’s been a wild ride, and it started with a decision. My decision was to join Be True Brand You.