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We are solo-preneurs, small business owners, and social media marketers for medium sized corporations building relationships with each other by giving support and feedback.


Our classroom is a place to get social media tips, learn a few tricks, practice pitching your business ideas, talk about what you’re trying, and share what strategies have worked for you.


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  • ASK for help.

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It’s me! I promise I’m real! I’m just a gal behind the characters who likes to have fun socializing online, creating gaming experiences, and helping others get through struggles with marketing and advertising.

But I have experience, lots of it. For 25 years I helped corporate executives and their staff understand complicated concepts by turning their statistics into stories….and vice versa. I was an actuary, a fancy word for a specialized statistician.

People tell me that I make the hard stuff simple…and FUN!

I lead a life of adventure, travel, mothering, wifing (is that a word?), and caring for my sweet mother.

Will I see you in class?





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Treat this like a classroom to GIVE/ASK FOR help to/from each other!

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When you come into the group, you’ll be contacted by an admin inviting you to introduce yourself. Take advantage of it!

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If you’re stuck on something, by all means, ask! Sally, her team, or another group member will answer you or direct you where you may find answers.

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Advice given is based on experience and training. Online programs change all the time. We have to change with them. The administrators and members are teaching based on their own experience. You are responsible for your own implementation and testing. We are simply here to help each other!

Hostess with the Mostess

Sally Hendrick Social Media Traffic School marketingSally Hendrick is your hostess. As an international keynote speaker and founder of Social Media Traffic School, Sally specializes in target market research, sales funnels, digital courses, and Facebook advertising strategies.

She consults with entrepreneurs and corporate executives to teach them how to market and advertise their businesses by turning statistics into stories. You won’t ride blind through these curvy roads of social media marketing. To chat with Sally, send a message here, so she can help point you in the right direction.

Social Media Traffic School Full Membership is how we roll.

Live group coaching programs are offered throughout the year. From Freebie to the Bank and Make Facebook Your ATM are the hot tickets to watch for. We also teach social media content planning, website building, sales page copy & content, landing page logistics, sales funnels, email marketing, live streaming your own show, blogging, and SEO. Tracking is the main indicator for success!

Nashville, Tennessee, wife, mother of 3 redheads, traveler, actuary, statistician, storyteller, urban dweller, all around nice gal.

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